If you’re looking for a 10-minute loan in the UK, you probably heard about the Simple Payday loan. But how simple does the loan works? In this article, you’ll learn the basic information about the loan offer and its technicalities.

Eligibility and application

A borrower must be over the age of 18, a UK resident and must have a full-time income. If you’re qualified with these requirements, you can start your online application. On the online application, you must indicate the amount of loan you need, the purpose of the loan and the loan duration. You must also input your personal details, address details, employment details and finance details.

Quick decision

The application form can be completed in a minute. You’ll also know the decision in minutes. If your loan is approved, you just need to follow the instructions and confirm the loan agreement online.  The process is quick because in an hour you can receive your cash advance straight to your personal account.

Different expenses that you can save through Simple Payday loan

By using the Simple Payday loan, you’ll be able to save your money from different expenses that may only lead to more debt. Among the expenses include late fees incurred for final notices that come from collection agencies, charges from the bank for going past overdraft limit, bailiff charges,  loss of earnings and reconnection fee for your home phone.

Loan and payment

When you borrow money from Simple Payday, you’re eligible to receive not more than £1000. When it comes to payment, you must pay the loan no longer than 30 days from when you received the loan. The loan is repayable in one payment, ideally due on the next pay day. Yet, as stated earlier, you can pay the loan within 30 days that the loan has been made.

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