Most people especially women admire pearls.  When you come across jewelry stores, maybe you have seen different names of pearls but are not familiar of them.  There may be quite plenty of them, but in which way they differ?

When you plan to buy pearl earrings or even pearl pendants, you should know the kind of pearls your jewelries are using. In this article, let’s examine the types of pearls and their origin.  Let’s dive in! Learn more about Pearl Earrings on this site.

Akoya Pearls for Pearl Earrings

Akoya pearls are best known for their perfect round shape and sparkling white color that truly amaze every pearl items.  These classic white pearls are farmed in Japanese and Ocean waters.  Among all types of pearls, this kind is the most lustrous, making the pearl best to be used for pearl earrings stud or pearl earrings drop.  It absolutely captures attention, thus, often worn in special occasions and night events.

Fresh Water Pearls

Some women love to incorporate pearls to their fashion but do not have the luxury to afford expensive types.  Fresh water pearls are cheaper types of pearls which are used for fashion. You often see these used as pearl earrings stud being collected by teenagers.  As of today, many women prefer to own this kind of pearls as they become better in terms of quality but marketed as inexpensive.

Tahitian Pearls

Have you seen the black kinds of pearls? Probably, they’re what we call Tahitian—a rare black pearl often found in Polynesia.  This could be one of the expensive pearls and highly sought because of its larger size and brilliant luster.  They also form a perfect round shape.  Wonder which kind of oyster they come from? Tahitian pearls come from Black-lipped oyster which are found in warm waters of South Sea.

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