The lampshade is among the fixtures that you would want to be in the rooms of your homes. It can bring the right amount of lighting to dark spaces. This fixture is capable of adding beauty to the room. A lampshade can also set a certain mood in an area. If you are more curious about lamp shade fabrics and accessories supplier then you can learn more about it on

Many homeowners like using lampshades as room accents because…

  • These fixtures serve a number of purposes like lighting and decoration.
  • They do not take so much space.
  • They come in various shapes, colors, designs and sizes. This makes it easy to combine with any artistic concept.
  • They can be moved anywhere so long as there is a nearby outlet for plugging.
  • They are inexpensive. You can find cheap ones from a good lamp shade fabrics and accessories supplier.

There are hundreds of lampshades to choose from that it can be confusing. Below are some useful tips in order to pick the best ones for your home.

  • Unless you plan to renovate, consider your current interior design.
  • If you are just replacing an old one, do not buy the same exact lampshade.
  • Know what you want from the lampshade. Do you want it to make the room relaxing or dramatic? This determines the color, material and design of the lampshade.
  • The base should have the proper proportion to the shade. Steer clear of shades that do not hide socket underpinnings.
  • White and plain shades are easy to pair with crystal and brass bases.
  • If the base has many details, pick a plain shade. If the shade is fancy, the base should be simple.

Aside from looking at the prices, it is also important to buy these items  from a trusted lamp shade fabrics and accessories supplier that offer a wide array of products.


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